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let’s take a small step to minimize the radical effect of Climate change as a gift to the coming generation to breathe clean Air by reducing Air-Pollution coming out of our vehicles & helping the society at large & our economy by doing Decarbonizing of your vehicles.



We are the manufacturer and distributor of Decarbonising machine under the government initiatives of start-up India and also provide Decarbonising Services to Government Sector, B2B Sector & B2C Sector.


Every day, we can save a few lives. By reducing the harmful carbon emission coming out of our vehicles and giving a better clean & green environment to breath, apart from saving cost on fuel prices on micro and macro level economy.



To save our future generation against the harmful AIR POLLUTANTS and give a clean atmosphere.
At Decarbonising Centre we provide Decarbonizing services to all type of vehicles & Generators



Do you find any of these problems in your car/bike engines:

  • Mileage is Down.
  • More silencer/exhaust smoke discharge.
  • Pick-up seems less or Rich fuel stroke.
  • More crank sound instead of a quick start.
  • More Engine Vibration, Noise or Heat.
  • Unusual Gear shifting for small climbing’s.

If you find any among the listed problems in your engine as we mentioned in the Step-1, with the help of De-carbonizing process, you can clean and flush the Carbon Deposit from the Engine. Our engine decarbonizing machine carbon cleaning machine works only on electrolyzed water and electricity.Thus hydro-oxy is produced using a mix of electrolyzed water and electricity.which neither cause any harm to engine nor its spare; this then feeds into the engine.

For Example:

We assume an amount of Dirty Carbon and Gummy Deposit into a percentage of 60/100. So now we have 60% of carbon and gummy deposit formed inside the Engine room. As per the previous process Step-2, the carbon and the gummy deposit will get loosen by the Hydro-Oxy Gas produced from the de-carbonizing Machine and being ready to get flush from the engine.


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